Trimble and Mary Gilbert 
Bert Gildart

        Over the years we have attended church services provided by Trimble Gilbert at a small chapel overlooking the most northern of all Indian villages in North AmericaArctic Village. When the congregation sings Amazing Grace in Gwich'in, few experiences are more moving, for the Rev. Gilbert has a powerful voice.
    But Mr. Gilbert is much is in demand for yet other reasons. Throughout Alaska and Canada we have listened to his lively fiddle and learned from the Gwich'in how to dance the jig. 
    In his younger years, Trimble was a guide and perhaps one of the most skilled of all outdoorsmen. Villagers tell of how he taught them to wick water away with snow; how to survive in temperatures that might dip to -60 degrees F.
Interestingly, the marriage between Trimble and Mary was arranged by their parents, as was the custom among the Gwich'in in those days. Perhaps such methods were sound, for the marriage has lasted about 40 years.