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Travels Among the Gwich'in

As former teachers during the early 1990's in a number of Gwich'in villages, we remain in contact with our many arctic friends. Now, as writers and photographers, we want to help the Gwich'in preserve their way of life, for it is in America's interest that they do so. What, after all, could be more important than preserving one of the world's last self-regulating natural ecosystems? In their attempts to protect the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and their culture, essentially, that's all the Gwich'in are attempting to do. Ninety-nine percent of the North Slope is already scheduled for development. All that remains is the five percent of this entire area now contained within the Arctic Refuge. Is it too much to ask that this remnant be protected?

Some of the following faces help depict daily village life in this most northern of all Indian tribes (Eskimos live further north). By clicking on the faces, you'll be taken to an enlarged photo and a brief vignette. In our weblog you'll see stories and photographs that further reveal a bit about our Travels Among the Gwich'in.

Please visit our Gwich'in photo album for color pictures and more stories about our travels among the Gwich'in.

Maggie Roberts

Nukon, André

Paul Williams Jr.

Sarah Abel

Simon Francis

Trimble Gilbert

Katherine Peter

Hamel Frank

Sarah James (and recent interview.)

Photographs from this page are available for editorial use. They represent but a portion from our vast library of Arctic life photographs. By contacting us, the images are also available for commercial use. Commercial sales of any Gwich'in people photographs will be shared either with the individual or with the Gwich'in Steering Committee, an organization devoted to preserving the Gwich'in way of life.